Focus – Coffee Maker

Designed in collaboration with Marvin Fischer.

Food and raw materials will only become more expensive in the future. Coffee and water will be valuable goods. Taking your time, enjoying consciously and giving the product the attention it deserves will gain in significance.

Focus is a coffee maker designed for this future. Individual ordering of your favourite coffee, appropriate storage of the coffee beans and a perfectly timed cooking process for every specific variety are all handled by the machine. At the same time the whole experience is designed to offer an exceptional feeling of transparency and control.

The wall-mounted storage container includes a user interface for finding new coffee varieties, getting information about origin and flavour profile as well as ordering the coffee beans. Brewing parameters for the specific variety can be easily changed through two slider controls. The respective small container with the coffee beans is then distributed on demand.

Inside the coffee maker the cooking process is divided into three steps: Firstly, the weighing of the correct ratio of water and coffee with optical feedback – the two halves on top make a perfect sphere when this ratio is reached. Then the visible transformation from water to coffee in the center bowl. And finally the pouring of the coffee, with the special shape of the serving vessel inducing a gesture of great care.

full scale model